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Batting Partnerships

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1149 Cameron Kwok - Eknoor Singh Hawkesbury Cricket ClubThird Grade11 1 Gordon
2193 Toby Flynn-Duncombe - Kerrod Gordon Hawkesbury Cricket ClubSecond Grade5 2 UNSW
3170 Cameron Kwok - Connor Mizzi Hawkesbury Cricket ClubFourth Grade1 1 St George
4169 Harrison Ridgewell - Kerrod Gordon Hawkesbury Cricket ClubSecond Grade3 1 Eastern Suburbs
5152 Nicholas Toscan - Kyle Vicary Hawkesbury Cricket ClubFourth Grade6 1 Northern District
6117 Eknoor Singh - Wade Burrowes Hawkesbury Cricket ClubThird Grade10 1 North Sydney
7131 Nicholas Toscan - Bailey Thompson Hawkesbury Cricket ClubFourth Grade14 1 Western Suburbs
861 Lochlan Watts - Vince Romeo Hawkesbury Cricket ClubFifth Grade15 1 Fairfield-Liverpool
958 Antum Naqvi - Long Fogg Hawkesbury Cricket ClubSecond GradeQF 1 Sydney University
1036 Matthew Williams - Adam Renfrey Hawkesbury Cricket ClubThird Grade9 1 Randwick Petersham

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